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Promar has been operating in the food industry for 30 years. We specialize in the production of additives for the food industry.

Our offer includes brands such as Promasol (brines), Proaroma (flavors), Promix (functional agents), Propuro (sterilized spices).

Our production plant in Zawiercie is one of the most modern in Europe. We acquired IFS and BRC certificates.

One of our most innovative products is alginate gel, which is an excellent alternative to sheep intestines in the production of sausages, kabanoses, vege and fish products. Alginates work perfectly on all production lines with a co-extrusion system.

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Alginate casings - Innovative, vege casings

  • 100% vegetable 
  • Low dosage - a more productive product compared to sheep casings
  • Free from alergen and GMO
  • Is suitable to all coextrusion systems
  • Flexible, doesn’t break, ensures repeatability of the finished product
  • To sausages:
    • dried, smoked, smoked-steamed products
    • to different finess product (also to homogenous)
    • to coiled, twisted or cut forms
  • Suitable for calibers from 8 mm to 32 mm
  • Long shelf life (6 months)
  • The casing on the finished product is almost indelible in the bite
  • Types of alginates: basic, coloured (orange, red, black, brown, green), flavour added (roasted meat, bacon, ripening, roasted chicken)
  • To another products as:
    • vege, fish or cheese
100% VEGE
SHELF 6 months LIFE
8-28 mm
low dosage

Application examples

Video production process

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